Miller Labradors Sire's

Miller Labradors is a Breeder of AKC Labrador Retrievers that are varieties of Chocolate, Yellow and/or Black in color. Our Labrador Retrievers are English style Labs that are know for their great temperament. This Labrador breed has a broad-head and a solid build. Our Champion bloodline is strong in all our dogs. Our dedication allows us to provide our customers with quality as well as calm Labradors. The health of our dogs is very important to us, so we raise healthy Labs to supply to our customers.

Samson Labrador Retriever
Lance Labrador Retriever
Gunner Labrador Retriever
Boone Labrador Retriever
There are three distinct types of Labrador Retrievers. The English type is a square-faced, thick-set dog with the Labrador's distinctive otter tail. The American show dog type is taller and thinner with a longer face. The field trial type, bred strictly for working ability, can look like the English or American show type or may fall somewhere in between.